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Have a Bad Day...

No, I am not doing a Daniel Pewter here. It is just a summation of the stinker of the day I had. It got off to a bad start when I decided to dust the cobwebs off my tummy trimmer thingummyjig and actually use it. Bad idea! It was propped up tight against the exercise bike (which I use to dry clothes mainly) and when I tugged it hard, it shot out and hit me on my soft head hard enough that I saw stars. I tell ya - exercising is bad for health!

I pootled off to work with the sore head and this screechy woman rings me barely five minutes after I've sat down. I wanted to wring her neck! Now I really was feeling what they meant when they said 'hammer & tongs' - I was all set to lie down and weep by lunch time. That was when I decided to get a drink and wouldn't you know it, barely has the first drop gone down my throat when I choke on it and go into paroxysms of cough. Jeez!

Just when I was wondering if my day could be any worse, like Ross, I learnt that some eager beaver at work has taken my name off the company rolls, a full month before I am scheduled to leave. *sigh*

Come on, Daniel, sing with me - you've had a bad day...

Posted by DesiGirl 8:38 pm  

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  1. Amrita said...
    awww, DG! that sucks... i'll buy you a double when i see you

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