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The blogging bug bit me a couple of years back, when I was looking for some place to vent. I started this blog then and used it rather like an online journal. Then last year, I took it more as a place to write about anything I felt like. I always feel like the blogosphere is sort of like a virtual Speaker's Corner - one can use it to rant about whatever moves one.

I slowly expanded it to include my interests so now I have three seperate blogs, housing different things.

I am a major movie / music buff and love watching films on the big screen. The blog Music, Movies and Masti is set up so I can post the reviews of the movies I see, albums I listen to, my favourite singers, composers, theatre shows etc.

I also have a seperate blog called Pratikisms wherein one can find all the stuff related to my little boy. This is my online baby book!

My most recent blog is for my major interests - cooking. I became interested in cooking when I was around 12 years old and have been collecting recipes ever since. I aim to store my favourite recipes from the world - family ones as well as ones I have collected.

Big thanks to Padmalatha for helping me out with setting up this new design and layout and Amrita for checking it out and okaying it!

Drop me a line about general, non-post related stuff here. And bookmark me!

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  1. geetanjali said...
    I'm Geetanjali, a journalist with DNA newspaper in Mumbai. I'm working on a story on "Mommy bloggers" and I wanted to speak to you about your blog, blogging habits and fellow mom-bloggers.
    My number is 9819525249. If you could SMS me your number or call me, I'll get back to you. I will only use your screen name and you don't have to give me any personal details. The interview will be entirely on your conditions. But please get back to me soon, this is really urgent. I'm sorry for bothering you, I know you're really busy.
    Thank you.
    DesiGirl said...
    Hi geethanjali,
    Thanks for the interest. I am really chuffed that you'd want to talk to me about blogging etc. I live in the UK, in case you didn't realise and don't know if you still are keen. If you are, then drop me a line at desigirl(dot)blog(at)googlemail(dot)com
    desi witch said...
    hi dg,
    the WLR database has a lot of indian stuff. if it's not in the db u can email them & they add it to the db.

    hope that helps.

    Kiran said...
    Hey, I like your blog very much. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It's a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the good work reporting on everything Desi!

    - Kiran

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