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My Word: Travelogue: Visiting Cambridge

Cambridge isn't too far from Brentwood and on one late summer morning, we set off quite early and found ourselves on the motorway without too many speed demons spoiling our pleasure. Thanks to the light traffic, we reached our destination well before 10.00 AM and after parking our car in the monstrously expensive parking lot, we set about exploring the town.

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About A Boy: P's action-packed weekend

P had a real busy Saturday - he first had his swimming lessons in the morning, whichh he tried to duck out of by lying in bed with the duvet over his head. We just dragged him to the pool, nonetheless. [Read on...]

Entertainment: I review Pachai Kili, Muthu Charam

That name and Karthik's actions are embedded in my mind and are totally unforgettable. Arguably, one of Mani Ratnam's best efforts, Mouna Ragam is a classic example of Mani's work, a simple tale, well told. [Read on]

What's Cooking: Berry Smoothie
Summer's almost upon us and the fruit & veg shops are full of the most luscious looking berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and black - the plump, juicy, glistening fruits tempt you with their sweetness. What a better way to indulge in some healthy berries than a berry smoothie, I ask you?!
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Fiction Corner: My attempt at Poem: Happiness

Happiness is…

a beautiful sunrise

a babbling brook

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Vernacular: Mummytongue - my Tamil blog சாப்பிட வாங்க...

என்ன சொல்லறது போங்க - வீட்டில உலை வெச்சே ரொம்ப நாள் ஆச்சு. ஏன்னா கேக்கறீங்க? தெரிஞ்சவங்க எல்லாரும், ‘எங்க வீட்டுக்கு சாப்பிட வாங்க’, ‘எங்க வீட்டுக்கு சாப்பிட வாங்க’ ன்னு ஒரே தொளைச்சு எடுக்கறாங்க. எதனால இந்த திடீர் புகழ்ங்கறீங்களா? அந்த கதைய சொல்லறேன், கேளுங்க.... [மேல...]

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  1. DesiGirl said...
    This is just a new attempt on my part to bring together all my blogs into one cohesive unit. So I am tweaking things here, deleting things there and adding something else somewhere else.
    Big thanks to all of you who road tested these pages and feedback-ed me. Appreciate it muchly, folks. Feel free to comment away if the mood arises.

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