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The Apprentice: Was Katie's Exit Staged?

Was anyone shocked with the outcome of last night's episode of The Apprentice? I was! I thought it would be an all-girl final like last year, between Kristina and Katie. Whilst I was hoping that Tre might get a look in, I never thought Scatterbrain Simon would make it. I most certainly did not even dream that Katie would get chosen for the final but would step down. With such a flimsy excuse too.

I mean, to say she cannot make the decision to move her family from Exeter to London without consulting her parents, who help look after her children smacks of something unprintable. Which parent takes up or goes for a job without thinking about things like childcare, schools etc? Conversely, which parent expects their child, shortlisted for the final, to check with them first before signing her life away? Give me a break!

Even before I went for my job interview (which, ironically, took place at Amstrad House - where the winning Apprentice would work!) I checked out the local daycare facilities for P and he had started the nursery three weeks before I joined my company, to give us both decent lead time to get used to the new state of things. And this 'man-eater', this 'go getter' who is in it to win it wants us all to believe that she cannot offer that sort of commitment? Who is she trying to kid?

The whole show smacked of something straight out of a cartoon. The interviews were all horribly edited. Poor Tre kept trying to assert the credibility of his organisation but the Western mind could not comprehend the meaning of a 'family business' in an Asian setting and the interviewer kept mocking him. When he gave his report to Sir Alan, claiming Tre was 'running an international conglomerate from his bedroom', I thought it was a cheap shot.

Likewise, the whole charade of Sir Alan giving Katie the benefit of the doubt and allowing her to go through, even though all of his advisers said there was something about her they don't trust, only to come back to her and dig the reason why she wasn't whooping with joy... the scenario just didn't cut the mustard, unfortunately. I think some serious editing has happened for it to come across the way it did.

Whatever it was, the Apprentice is becoming more and more a reality game show, more along the lines of Big Brother, rather than a credible, grey cells worthy programme. Sound bytes are given prominence, in place of truth and I, for one, am fast losing interest. What's more, I would not be the least bit surprised if Katie wound up in next year's Celebrity Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! lineup.

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  1. itchingtowrite said...
    book tag done
    DesiGirl said...
    thanks itchy! will link it to mine.
    Amrita said...
    dont tell me you have this annoying crap in the uk too! at least the donald got fired!
    DesiGirl said...
    like i told dee babe, if there is a hit US show, there will be a copycat UK one!
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