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The day I became my own critic

*** SPOILER WARNING: While I have tried my best not to give the plot and the ending away, you might come across some surprising bits from the movie Fanaa, so please be warned ***

Last night, I went out to see Fanaa with my family. After a long time, we went to a movie hall to see an Indian movie, rather than waiting for the DVDs to arrive and catch the flick sitting comfortably in our lounge. But this time, I wanted to make up for missing RDB on the big screen so I decided that we shall make the trip to the cinema and catch Kajol & Aamir in action.

I 'prepared' for this outing by listening to the songs so I can get into the groove. It gave me an idea of what the movie is going to be - you can guess that there's a kid in the movie after listening to the song 'Chanda Chamke'; 'Des Rangila', the typical NRI song (which makes our expat hearts beat fast with its strains of Vande Mataram), is bound to be an on-stage number - well, you get the picture.

After the movie, my first thought was 'hmm, not a bad movie - good timepass'. There were bits were the implaucibility of the plot was almost laughable but I thought, well, let's not nit-pick here. Let us excuse poor Mr Kohli of his minor misdemeanors and rise above it. Kajol looked amazing; Aamir looked super cool as he strolled across the airport and the locations were pretty fab.

Of course, by then, the songs were buzzing non-stop in my head and I was playing them in my iPod on the way home as well. Had a discussion about the movie with the half a dozen mates I bumped into at the temple and the restaurant we went to afterwards and heard favourable noises from most.

Then I logged onto the 'Net today morning and one of the first things I read was the review in Rediff. Suffice to say, after reading it my enthu levels dipped. I began questioning myself - did I really enjoy the movie last night? Was it worth enjoying? None of the reviewers had said much in favour of it. They had taken it apart bit by bit and it wasn't a pretty sight.

Am I such a bad judge of movies?

Then I sat thinking of all the times I had gone to the movies and come back to find that none other than me liked it much. After that, I didn't like that movie either and this trend has continued pretty much on and off over the years.

But what is the point of a movie anyway? Is it to take you to a different plane, a different zone as such for 2.5 hours? Is it to make you forget the marital squabbles, exam results, work deadlines and all the other strands of reality for the span of the movie? And what makes it a 'good' one? A great storyline, fantastic plot execution, brilliant cinematography, a fab casting, feet stomping music - or should it leave you with a feeling of not just having spent £6.80 on tickets plus £10 on popcorn, fizzy pops in return for a thumping mad headache?

I think from now on, I shall decide if a movie is good or not by checking with my internal monitor - do I like it? Yes? Then it is a good movie. Was it a bit of a blah? Then I shall give it a 10 on the headacho meter. And bully to the critics!

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  1. Deepak said...
    Girls girls girls....a day will come when people will be frightened of girls

    They have misused all the freedom that have had.

    No wonder when a girl child is born in rural India it is killed.

    This is becuses the parents fear the wrath and storm she can create in anyones life.

    For more proof and statistics read this link of my dear brother who has put it correctly

    and freedom without rules is good freeedom and woman have miused all the freedom thay have got.
    pavan kumar said...
    :) it is difficult to find one good reviewer whose taste matches with what one likes.. so I keep changing reviewers and take a median of their score.. and totally avoiding them might not be a good idea.. afterall they do save you from a really bad movie :D

    this is like predictor-corrector method in Maths..
    apu said...
    Lavzie, very very cool blog...didnt know you were writing... Link to you soon!

    Apu (And yes - I stay Apu in this world...)

    Mail soon...
    Desh said...

    I was just happy to Kajol back again!! In my personal view she is an All-time best actress - at least in the top three (one of the other three being Nutan)!!

    And it was probably the first time.. THE FIRST TIME in Indian Cinema history that a married actress made a successful comeback as the main romantic lead successfully!! The last word being a key!

    Plot was implausible and it was obvious - from the retina transplant to the trigger thingy.

    Good blog here, lady.

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