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My favourite World Cup moment

Well, that phenomenon called the World Cup is almost over - hard to believe it after months of anticipation and tension. After England were booted out of the competition, I have to admit that I could watch the matches without chewing my nails out.

Even though the glory of the Finals await us, I had my favourite moment of World Cup when France played Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo in tears made my day! After his antics on the ground, during their game against England have turned me firmly against him. If I saw red when he bounded out of nowhere to egg the umpire against Rooney, it was nothing short of apoplectic when he winked at his team mates after poor Rooney was shown the red card.

His comeuppance came against France when Portugal lost and he was booed every time he moved a muscle. Ah it was a joy to behold! He is reported to have said that the booing never bothered him - in fact, it egged him on to play better. According to him, people boo 'cos he is a dangerous playing and he is just that - a dangerous player.

Well I have news for you mate - they booed solely because you played dirty!

Meanwhile, some enterprising souls have taken it upon themselves to decorate his house in Manchester - the exterior of his house is papered with the St.George's flag! I can imagine the look on his face when he lands in Manchester and sees the new decor!

But what interests me greatly is, how he is going to fare at Man U. He seems to have burned his bridges here and his actions have turned every single English / Man U fan against him. These fans are not going to forgive and forget so easily. Being able to pooh-pooh the crowd's negative reaction when surrounded by your own countrymen in a neutral territory is one thing, playing for an English club, in England, with Englishmen is going to be a completely new ball game (pardon the pun!). The welcome party Man U fans are planning would make the booing and the rude calls seem like picnic.

Good luck Cristiano, ole chap - you are going to need it!

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  1. Wibble said...
    I think you're over estimating the amount of weight many United fans give to what goes on during the World Cup.

    Many Manchester United fans just don't care (for a start, there are usually loads of Irish flags at Old Trafford and Ronaldo will be a hero to them :). The winker will get abuse from the away fans, but then so did Beckham after the 1998 World Cup. However the United fans will get behind their player and give him the support due to any one in the colours.
    Anonymous said...
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