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Wanted: Swayamwaram Applicants

I was chatting with a blogging mate of mine about the stuff that life's generally made of - Bill Bryson, DC writers with a penchant for ignoring rules, assorted idiots who cannot read / absorb the clear Comments policy, Bangalore weather v Chennai, relative merits of LinkedIn, Orkut, Tagged etc when the topic arrived, some how, at girls. Well, this isn't such a shocking concept considering I am a card carrying member of the species but in this instance, it is the lack of eligible bachelorettes that was causing said mate some problems.

Birthdays arriving thick and fast, with no suitable girl sending a gushing Val's day card has proved to be the bane of his mum's life and she has recently given up dropping subtle hints in favour of actively jabbing him with the fork during meal times, in an effort to make him get the skates on and get on with the job of getting her a daughter in law, like NOW.

In this enlightened day and age, us being blogoholics and all that, what better way to kick start this modern day head hunt than, well, blog about it? Rather like the matrimonial version of The Apprentice, we are now inviting applicants for the enviable role of a permanent partner of Mr K. Of course, there are a few stipulations: that the applicant must be a girl, is an obvious one. She must also belong to the enviable TamBram community of South India, in order to please the senior cast member.

Interested applicants leave a message in the comments and await our call eagerly.

Posted by DesiGirl 6:32 pm  


  1. Amrita said...
    DesiGirl said...
    Shall we start one for you as well, babes? ;)
    Anonymous said...
    govinda govinda!!!!!
    Aaman said...
    what - no other qualifications?
    Aaman said...
    BTW, very Freudian image on the post, esp. given the subject matter:D
    Kishore said...
    heheheheeee.. What has become of the blogs? :)

    Aaman, I guess that's the "entry" qualification.. shortlists move to second round.. eh DG? ;)
    desigirl said...
    v stringent process of weeding are going to be deployed!

    u betcha!
    Dubukku said...
    nambalukkum oru request pottu vudungalen :P
    DesiGirl said...
    ஏன்? அப்பறம் தங்கமணி என்னையும் ரெண்டு அறை விடறத்துக்கா? வீண் வம்பு தானே?

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