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Strange, but true!

Have you gone days without actually spending a penny but the minute you draw some money out of your account, seen it disappear in five minutes?

Have you ever sat twiddling your thumbs in a traffic snarl, bumper to bumper with all the other road ragers on Monday morning, and fumed at the idiots speeding away in the opposite direction?

Have you ever listened to the weather forecast, paid heed and gone out in summer clothes, only to show up at work in your favourite drowned rat get up? Or how about the next time you show the weather girl a finger and gone out in proper cold weather attire, only to look like a mug as the sun shines brightly all day?

Have you stood in the queue for a long time, waiting patiently for your turn to catch your favourite musical, only to go in and sit behind a pillar? Or sat next to the bloke who's behind a pillar, who makes his annoyance known to the world and its wife?

Or is it just me?

Posted by DesiGirl 11:26 am  


  1. Amrita said...
    Don't tell me all of this happened to you in one day!
    DesiGirl said...

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