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Trumpeting My Own Greatness...

.... cos no one will do it for me! Nah, seriously, this is one of those 'feel good' tags, I'm told by the blessed being that tagged me. Some folks have loads of things to write home about. After reading Prems' impressive list, I can safely conclude I will not be one of them. So what the hell am I going to list in the '8 things I am proud of'? Good q!

1. Ok, let's see .... having a 'never say never' attitude that has seen me through the tough times; a Flubber-like mentality that refuses to be squashed or sat upon. There's a solution to every problem, that's my firm belief. Until you find it, there's always Plum and A R Rahman to take your mind off it!

2. My indomitable courage that saw me recently live in firang land with just little P for company. Though the pressure of being the sole being responsible for him was scary, it got easier. The same courage helped me deal with P's operation in India before he turned a year old and S's major car crash in the UK on the same day without folding.

3. My determination to see things to their bitter end, like, getting that blasted driving licence even after two years (on and off, not continuous!) of lessons and a few attempts. Refusing to throw in the towel though S has suggested I give it up.

4. Never bowing down to what's 'cool' and what's not. Not caring a hoot about being different.

5. My dreams. My impossibly grand dreams. Dreams of making it big, of setting up my family for life, of becoming someone of note, becoming a person P would say 'that's my mummy!'

6. Starting off in my job as a newbie, but learning the inner workings of it through sheer diligence and climbing a good many notches in a span of two years. And now, having the guts to change direction yet again and go into uni.

7. Never admitting a weakness as one, fully expecting to get out of it by blagging my way out of it. 'Ride a bike? Why when can have a better time letting someone else do it for me?' 'Housework? Why when I can immerse myself in my latest book and have a far better time?'

8. Above all, am proud of me for my beautiful boy - I know he is his own person and all that jazz but seeing him, listening to the way he processes things and the way he is, well, some of that should be from me, right?

Ok, I have to tag 8 people to carry on this torture - so, Apu, Ams,Dee, Kishmish, Suj, MM, Tharini and Dubukks - take it away, folks!

Remember the rules :

1. You have to say eight things about you that you are proud of yourself. Then write the rules at the end.

2. You have to tag eight others to follow tag. You have to let them know you have tagged them.

Posted by DesiGirl 6:06 pm  


  1. Tharini said...
    Hi DG...sorry but I won't be taking up this tag. I'm still discovering myself and I wouldn't know what to write about. :)
    Amrita said...
    damn this is hard... lemme first do the Taj thing :) This is a toughie though - i guess i must be more humble than i thought, lol!
    Dee said...
    bloody hell!!!
    DesiGirl said...
    aww tharini! that's alright.

    LOL! if u've seen the stuff i've pulled, u'd know my thot was the same: boy i must be humble!

    sorry babes! if i must, so must u lot!
    Premalatha said...
    about 8, You have set the standard so high for us. :-)
    Amrita said...
    So I'm working on yours and its proving to be a very introspective experience but in the meantime - guess what? You've been TAGGED!

    Yeah baby! Hey it's an easy one. :) Smooches!
    Kishore said...
    Coming uppp... :)
    DesiGirl said...
    aww! what a sweet thing to say. yeah my bubba is a sweetie, ain't he?

    ah darn it! u get rid of one tag before another one hits u. why 8 anyway? a cosmic number?!

    Amrita said...
    i have no clue. isnt it supposed to be 7?
    DesiGirl said...
    is it? why did i write an extra one then? also, does this count for your tag or is that one different?
    Kishore said...
    Mine is up.. mine is up...
    DG said...
    no you dope that one is for Ams's tag. Where's the reply to mine? BWAHAHAHA!
    namvor said...
    hi desigirl.

    first time commenting..

    #3 had me laughing. took me 4 attempts to get through!
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