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Hand of God!


Took this pic last week at Blackpool. It was rather glum and all of a sudden, the clouds shifted and this clear shaft of light broke through. Amazing!
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  1. Amrita said...
    Whoa, that's beautiful DG! You sure do get around :)

    Btw, TAG! you're it! Indian writers/books you've read, been meaning to read.
    Kishore said...
    Awesome, really! :)
    desigirl said...
    Yeah great pic or what?! I sooo wished I had a neat camera to capture it well. Considering my regular point-and-shoot and my decidedly amateurish skills could do this, imagine what might have resulted in the hands of a better person! sigh

    I read your piece and the tag. Will start working on it.
    Anonymous said...
    I have a veeeery similar photo to this.... :D Taken somewhere on the coast... near the Pleasure Beach? :D
    desigirl said...
    yep yep!

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