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What Price Friendship?

Quiet giggles in a corner
Shared jokes
Laughter and Yeats over a samosa
Bust-ups and making up
Those were the days when anything went

Angry words soon forgotten
Insults that never stuck
Fights and arguments the norm
But the feelings remained the same

Time passed
People changed
With it, the nature of friendship

Words became barbs
Looks did kill
Patience and love, non-existant.
This isn’t friendship
This isn’t relationship
is nothing.

And so,
here we are today,
what price friendship?

Posted by DesiGirl 10:03 am  


  1. Dave Richards said...
    What a lovely poem!!Keep posting more and do stop by my Love blog some time and drop a line!!
    DesiGirl said...
    Thanks very much Dave
    Amrita said...
    Ok, now i'm sad. :(

    very well written.
    desigirl said...
    cheer up. i got over it!!

    thanks a bunch. never venture into poi-tri usually.
    robert swayze said...
    ur poem is quite thought-provokign dear...reminds me of my olden golden days with my buddies with whom I can hardly stay in touch for work pressure and other activities...thanks for posting such a wonderful theme :) have a nice day!
    DesiGirl said...
    aww thanks robert! i wrote it one day when i felt betrayed by a person i took to be my friend.
    ps: any relation to patrick?
    Emmie said...
    Hey Desi Gal, that poem is so cool. Is it possible if I re-post it on my blog with a link to your blog? Please lemme know. It would be on
    Take care,

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