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Most Wanted

Before I proceed any further, I would like to clarify that I am not desperate or anything so wierdos and wackos out there, walk away now!

Let me explain the title: Most Wanted. I should actually expand it to 'Most Wanted: A friend', preferabl a gal pal. Why am I doing a chum version of A long and relentless search for one, that's what.

You need a mate to hang out with, just to chill, right? Well, that's where I am drawing a blank. The ones I bump into are all okay at the outset but a little bit of digging turns up some majorly iffy characterstics.

So what the hell sort of a friend am I looking for then? Well, for starters, one that is fun. Who likes movies, music, the theatre, is a mild foodie but not a big glutton, has a healthy sense if not wicked sense of humour, loves reading, knows that blogging has nothing to do with clogged drains, doesn't think having a glass of Archers will make me Mata Hari's evil twin and most of all, this is v important, doesn't confuse being the good wife to being fused at the hip with the spouse. Oh, let's not forget, it would help if the said person was in the rough vicinity so real hanging out can happen!

This is my biggest problem. I do go out with S and our little one but at the same time, I would love to go out with a friend too, you know. But the proper shaadi-shudh desi womenfolk seem to think that once you are married, thou shalt not set foot beyond the line drawn by the hubby. That drives me nuts. And I get looked at like I am a harlot for putting such thoughts into their heads. *sigh*

You would think, in this day and age, it would be easy to find some like-minded people. Natch! And the only like minded folks I know are either spread far and wide or are virtual. I know, I know. *sigh*

I rather feel like Siddharth and co in Shankar's Boys, belting out enakkoru girlfriend venumada all over Chennai, as I sit typing this post. I know how you feel, Sid ole boy! Though not for the same reasons, mind you. (Lest the parents fear I am coming out of the closet in a rather roundabout fashion!)

So what say?

Posted by DesiGirl 8:53 am  


  1. apu said...
    heh heh that was hilarious ! For a moment I was wondering why I didnt count, (I do fit the bill you know.. Ok maybe I like food more than a little) then realised I am nowhere in the "real" nearabouts...
    Amrita said...
    packing bags now...
    DesiGirl said...
    yeah imp criteria is availability!!

    say when and i shall come to heathrow to pick u up!!
    Sohini said...
    Hi DesiGirl!
    I'm a newcomer to your blogs! A very pleasant way to spending my lunch hour! Anyway - your musings about friendship struck a chord. I'm straight, non-psychotic (most days)and fairly normal(I think) and am always looking to expand my social circle. If your interest is piqued - reply to this post and we can get in touch. So what say??
    DesiGirl said...
    hey sohini,
    welcome to the mad world of my blogs. glad to make ur acquaintance. whereabouts do u live? ok ok dont tell me here - email me at desigirl(dot)blog(at)googlemail(dot)com

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