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Modalle saapadu, apparam nee!

This unforgettable line was uttered by the memorable Quick-Gun Murugan. This was the name of a rather naff TV character, somewhat along the lines of the Wild West turns East-ish flavour and we used to see itty blurbs of his clips at random points during your movie or mega serial. He used to utter some majorly inane dialogues and cracked me up big time.
After many a year, I thought of him suddenly and had a yen to see some clips. In true-blue 21st C style, I You Tubed it and here are my results. Watch and enjoy!

Posted by DesiGirl 6:33 pm  


  1. magicrna said...
    hahahhaha! Thats hillarious:)
    I had never seen this, but that is because we were strictly DD, growing up
    *sigh* my deprived childhood...
    Amrita said...
    QUICK GUN MURUGAN!! oru sambar, oru masala dosa!
    desigirl said...
    oru whiskey, oru masala dosa, Ams! You and I are the sambhars. (Sambhar Mafia - wahey!!)
    DesiGirl said...
    You sure have led a sheltered life!!

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