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A Mature Mum's Love

A mother's response when her son's wedding preparations ends up in a spirited tug-of-war:

"It doesn't matter, sweetheart. If I who have given birth to, raised and loved my son for almost 30 years will not be ready to adjust for his sake, how can I expect some girl who has known him a few months to make things easy for him? Can she love him more than I do? It's up to me to ensure that he doesn't get torn between wife and mother. Let him do what she wants. After all any plans we make thinking that we are giving him a grand wedding are actually uncle and my dreams and plans... they give us happiness - not necessarily him - and that is selfish. The truth is that his happiness lies in seeing her happy and not having to fight her out to keep his parents happy. Love flows downwards .. do you love your parents as much as you love your son? So let the girl's people do what they want. We will go along with anything to see him happy. Whoever loves more, gives more."

Courtesy, The Mad Momma's blog.
I have copied this part from her post so I will have it with me always and can recite it to my DIL in the distant future.

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