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My battle with the bulge

I just did something mad - I started a new blog to help me succeed with my weight loss attempts. Not only that, I decided to put pressure on me, thereby making sure I'd stick to the plan, by signing up for Just Giving. So for every pound I lose, my chosen charity should get a few pounds in donations. Provided I can interest the kind hearted denizens across the blogosphere to support me.

I have never done any sort of fund raising before so I probably suck at this big time. Nonetheless, I hope you can dig deep and help me with my efforts. Here's the plug - please click on this link to donate money to my chosen charity, Take Heart, India. You can keep track of my weight loss efforts via my new blog My Battle With Bulge.

Please encourage/support me.

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  1. life said...
    All the best.
    Information Junkie said...
    Good luck. Lifestyle related issues in India is one thing that concerns me the most about otherwise great story.

    If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then here are a few things you could try.

    1. Cod Lever oil. The lipid profile of Indians is terrible and carb rich food does not help it.

    2. Proteins. If you can drink a protein drink (whey protein) every day, then you metabolism will be higher and your liver will not be working as hard to put together protein from incomplete protein food we Indians eat.

    3. Look at foods as alkaline and acidic. Alkaline foods are good for body to keep burning fat. They are green vegetables. Acidic foods are breads, biscuits, soda, sugar.

    4. Exercise your large muscles. Sqats and lunges and ab crunches.
    DesiGirl said...
    Thank you both and thanks for the extra info, information junkie! May be you both could sponsor my weight loss!

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