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Tag: now I'm It

Whoever came up with this cyber tagging, I wanna know? Kishore tells me that he has tagged me and what's more, is gonna put some wacko questions to me that I have to answer. *sigh*

The 'theme' is 'me me me' and here I go!

I am thinking about… how best to avoid the day of chores that awaits me and lounge with my new Nora Roberts instead!

I said… let me be, but no one's listening!

I want to… break free! I want to breeaaak frrreee!

I wish… I could get the hooks and shooks sorted and my novel starts flowing freely.

I hear… thunder, I hear thunder, hark don't you? :)

I wonder… at the miracle of Nature.

I regret… the lost opportunities.

I am… what I am and what I am needs no excuses!

I dance… the merry dance of life!

I sing… in my mind, in the loo, in privacy - for the good of all mankind!

I cry… when I am hurt, when I am moved by a good book or like Kishore, while chopping onions!

I am not always… a nice person!

I make with my hands… some of the world's greatest artworks. Pity they are visible only to folks blessed with X-ray vision!

I write… cos it makes me happy.

I confuse… acquaintances with friends.

I need… the space to be just me.

And finally… Apu, Saks, Sowmya, Qalander and everyone else who has read this - you're tagged!

Posted by DesiGirl 1:10 am  


  1. Kishore said...
    >> I said… let me be, but no one's listening!
    I shall try to listen! :D

    And rest of the questions, huh? :)
    DesiGirl said...
    done it!
    Kishore said...
    >> I am not always… a nice person!
    Huh? Well, thats actually good, ya know? Its not nice to be very nice either, in this Kali kaalam.. :)
    Anonymous said...
    Nice post. n a nice tag so wud like to take that up myself...:)

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